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Flowers love people and we love flowers. Over 30 years of experience in production and sales of both hybrid and open pollinated varieties have made us the well-known and trusted partner in the flower seed market that we are nowadays. Our products are available worldwide through renowned distribution channels.

Floragran was founded in 1977 and is located in Lochem, The Netherlands. Due to our extensive experience, expertise and passion for seed production, we deliver a consistent supply of high quality flower seed. Our goal is to meet our customers’ high requirements. Committed to offering the best for the garden, we maintain the highest standards in both our products and service. Have a look at our catalogue for an impression!

What the grower was waiting for!
Following on from the highly successful Lewisia Elise Mix, Elise Ruby Red is a stunning, single coloured Lewisia cotyledon which allows producers to grow another single colour alongside Elise white and mix. Its abundant, continuous flowering provides a delicate looking, yet very strong pot or garden plant that will flower until the first frosts.

Elise Ruby Red's unique new, radiant colour will stand out at retail. Consumers will marvel at this first year flowering Lewisia in bright red that performs excellently in cool and warm climates. Lewisia Elise Ruby Red, the latest jewel for the terrace and garden.

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